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Timestamps 2015  4min. 30sec.

Video Stills

Timestamps  Exploring the process of remembering   ​

A timestamp is a sequence of characters or digitally encoded information identifying the moment in which a certain event occurred, with an accuracy of a fraction of a second. A timestamp is a sequence of temporal moments and events imprinted on the body and mind, which are formed and re-formed in every moment.

In this work, I explore the process of remembering childhood images: color, space, buildings, and vegetation related to the place where I grew up. I painted these images by applying acrylic paint to my face with a brush as I stood before the camera.

In this process, remembering becomes a concrete, expressive action that forges a relationship between body, space, and time, as the body engages simultaneously with memory, with its own concrete presence, and with the viewer.

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